[UkOpenBSDUsers] Hello

Jacek Masiulaniec jacekm at dobremiasto.net
Thu Jun 3 14:52:38 BST 2010

On Thu, Jun 03, 2010 at 02:15:44PM +0100, Sevan / Venture37 wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Welcome to the UK OpenBSD users mailing list, sorry about the
> silence for the past couple of days, there's a few of on here now so
> hopefully the conversation will start to flow :)
> My name Sevan, I'm based in Brighton & I've been using OpenBSD for
> just over 6 years now, I cut my teeth of 3.4/Alpha with my
> alphastation 250 & I've been hooked ever since.
> I use a mixture of FreeBSD & OpenBSD in production & dabble with
> NetBSD/Cobalt & Xen in the office.
> Where about you guys, where are you based & how long have you been
> using OpenBSD??

Those following source-changes@ will recognise me as OpenSMTPD

I live in Knebworth, work in Stevenage, and am developing OpenBSD
mainly for the fun of it.  Stumbled upon it 4 years ago while
researching alternatives to Linux on servers and routers.

Later, I got sucked into development because OpenBSD philosophy was
very appealing, so refreshingly different from GNU code bloat, with
unbearable moralism on the top.  Moreover, it provided characteristically
clean user experience, free of clumsiness found in the Linux distributions.

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