[UkOpenBSDUsers] Just joined

mike mike-lists at wolman.co.uk
Tue Jun 8 00:38:28 BST 2010

Stuart Henderson wrote:
> greetings from a rather soggy Devon...
Londons a bit wet at the mo. but we have had some really nice few days.
> On 2010/06/07 23:34, mike wrote:
>> Another london based OpenBSD user - since 3.0 - good timing as i
>> never had to learn ipfw :)
>> Have used OpenBSD for many things from firewalling, vpn gateways,
>> wifi aps, bgp etc etc - just wish there was a nice supported pci adsl
>> modem out there - one less box for the cupboard.
> Traverse Viking should work, it's basically a router and ethernet
> adapter on the same board, configurable by telnet. Linitx list
> something similar (but no stock at the moment) - I think
> that's a different board but should also work. Traverse Solos is
> different and isn't supported (and I suspect same for Geos).
> Having had a BBS destroyed by lightning in the past, I generally
> try and keep phone lines *out* of computers though...

I did have a peek at the viking, i was hoping for something which 
openbsd can completely control without
telneting to it but at the mo i think is the best option for a single 
box solution - the routerboards look appealing
but looks like are issues there.... also they dont have an adsl modem 
for them yet i think but will make a pretty
cool switch/wifi ap/adsl modem/firewall replacement and all in one box.

The other problem is they are pci and the new mini itx / atom boards all 
seem to have pci express on them
now - so a usb one would perhaps be ok - i did mess about with the old 
green usb stingray jobbies a long time
ago but they were just a nightmare and unreliable - ah well for the mean 
time its an extra power socket used
up i think.


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