[UkOpenBSDUsers] Just joined

wim wauters wim.wauters at unisoftdesign.co.uk
Tue Jun 8 11:21:37 BST 2010

Hi all,

got here through undeadly.

I use OpenBSD for my clients as:
- a samba fileserver
- failsafe firewall (CARP, pf, etc..)

In my office I use it as
- a desktop, synchronising /home/$username between PC and laptop with 
rsync; brutal but easy :-)
- DHCP service
- file servers (samba and NFS)
- firewalls on dual internet link (1 over cable, 1 ADSL), not automated 
fallback yet
- PXE boot server and FTP server

All this stuff takes a while to figure out, but once you have, it is 
very low maintenance
and stupid easy to upgrade/setup the next version on your servers.

Full blown desktop installs take a bit longer to upgrade/reinstall,
but the packages do speed things up a lot

With Friendly Regards,
Wim Wauters T/A Unisoft Design

Fixed cost IT helpdesk and proactive IT maintenance
for professionals & small to medium size businesses

Data Recovery & Password Recovery
Online storage & Remote Backups

Tel. 0871 559 0812
Fax. 0871 900 7824

PS.  DataServices247.co.uk is coming 'soon' :-)


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