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wim wauters wim.wauters at unisoftdesign.co.uk
Tue Jun 8 11:22:16 BST 2010

Mike Williams wrote:
> Michael Stevens wrote:
>> On Fri, Jun 04, 2010 at 03:43:38PM +0100, Mike Williams wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> My name is Mike and I have been using OBSD since 3.7.  I have joined 
>>> up  after seeing the list announced on undeadly.  Currently running 
>>> OBSD on  a couple of MiniITX boxes (one network server, one desktop 
>>> machine) and  an AAOne netbook.
>> How do you find it as a desktop system?
> I find it perfectly ok for what I want.  I use it mainly for 
> development so a couple of terminal windows, gvim, and a web browser 
> for references and I am set.  Planet Rock on DAB and a coffee and I am 
> in my coding happy place.  :)
I'm not a coder, just a sysadmin and remote helpdesk type.

I prefer Gnome (yes, I hope Novell stops messing about soon) over KDE 
Can't be bothered to roll my own with enlightenment, etc.. (I used to on 

I use all kinds of enduser packages (Gnomebaker, Firefox, Thunderbird, 
OpenOffice, Transmission, CUPS, etc...),
and OpenBSd is just  excellent for that. Every 6 months, the devs do all 
the hard work in providing a coherent release. Easy :-)

If you want an OS where the enduser can have a go at clicking around to 
help themselves,
try PCBSD: my mum is on it, and she's in a different country :-)

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