[UkOpenBSDUsers] Just joined

Timothy Baldock tb at entropy.me.uk
Tue Jun 8 20:38:52 BST 2010

Hello all,

Recently joined, directed here from the post on Undeadly, nice to see a
UK OpenBSD mailing list :)

I use OpenBSD at work as a router/firewall platform running
pf/BIND9/DHCP/routing etc. in virtual lab (VMWare + Windows) setups for
testing. I really value the simple installer and secure default install,
makes putting together labs with complex routing and network service
requirements easy and makes connecting them (securely) to the Internet a

Also run it on our firewall/router at home, on a remote VPS (providing
secondary DNS and backup MX functions at present) and on a NAS serving
files over AFP and Samba. Guess you could call me a fan...

Anyway, looking forward to some interesting discussion :)


Timothy Baldock

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