[UkOpenBSDUsers] Just joined

Timothy Baldock tb at entropy.me.uk
Tue Jun 8 21:42:58 BST 2010


They do FreeBSD too, and native IPv6 :)

On 08/06/2010 21:32, z0mbix wrote:
> Hi!
> Another new member directed from Undeadly.
> I've been using OBSD since 3.1. I have a server at home for
> DNS/DHCP/OpenVPN/Apache/SVN/Samba/numerous other things.
> My firewall is a pcengines WRAP also running it, which I use binpatch to
> keep it up to date.
> I also run it on my Thinkpad at work. I have used it for
> firewalling/loadbalancing/carp/routing etc in the lab/stg environments at
> work, but never managed to persuade the Linux crazy bosses to let me put it
> into production.
> I always have a VM lying around on my Mac for testing/development work.
> Great to have a UK based mailing list.
> Timothy, which OBSD VPS do you use?
> Cheers David (z0mbix)
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